Our services are intended to make your life easier!


Inexpensive, efficient and rapid delivery service!

Why damage your vehicle? Can your vehicle hold all of your purchases? Do you want the contractor who you are paying by the hour to pick up your materials? L. Villeneuve & Cie (1973) Ltd. offers an inexpensive, efficient and rapid delivery service.

Your building materials delivered to your home quickly!

With our inexpensive delivery service, you can submit your order in the morning or early afternoon, and receive your materials the same day. Upon request, we will deliver your materials to the area you designate on your property or inside your property at no extra cost, as long as it is on the ground floor. Request our crane truck (extra charges apply) for delivery to upper floors (Maximum height: 55’). You can visit us and submit your order in person, or simply give us a call.

Wood cut to order

Large materials are cumbersome and difficult to transport. Our wood cutting service is available to help you. No need to borrow your neighbour’s circular saw or get sawdust all over the inside of your home. Thanks to our cutting centre, you can have the materials that you purchased cut according to your desired dimensions (straight cuts only, no angle cuts, accurate to within 1/8").